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Features a revolutionary paddling system, enabling effortless and fast sailing.

  • It is operational in less than one minute, due to its one piece mainframe structure.
  • Light weight, the mainframe 7 kg, the floats 3kg.
  • It folds into a small package and can easily carried inside the trunk of any car.

Revolutionary Pedaling System that Mimics Animal Swimming

Enables fast sailing, operates without wheels or chains so it is light weight. It's folds to a flat mode for small volume and ready to use in less than one minute, due to its one-piece mainframe structure. The boat is steered by a responsive, hand operated, steering rudder.

The mainframe and all the metals are made of stainless steel so that it is rust free including seawater environment.

Four floats located wide apart on the two sides of the boat provide good stability under various water conditions.


Mainframe: folded: 80x50x11 cm, weight: 7Kg.
Unfolded and ready to use: 215X112 cm.
Pack of 4 floats dimensions: 85x60x27 cm, total volume: 120 liters.
Weight: 3 Kg.

Warning: Permitted for use only with life vest in still water.